Tuesday, 24 May 2011

2BAT-Swan Upping video key

THE SWAN UPPING (British festivals and traditions)- posted on blog Friday, 1st April

1. What does this tradition/festival consist in?

It is a tradition that has to do with conservation. Each family of swans is taken out of the river, they are weighed and measured, and they are checked over. Children learn about the history of this tradition during the celebration. There are six official rowing skiffs that go up the river Thames. They stop to catch the swans they find in their way very carefully.

2. How many days does it last? Five days.

3. Why is fishing a problem? Because young cygnets are killed. They are caught in the webs

4. What are cygnets? The young swans.

5.What is the objective of this celebration for the future? Through the teaching of this tradition to young children, the idea is to prevent vandalism in the future generations and make sure that the swans' population is mantained at a satisfactory level.

6. How long has this celebration been going on? Since the 12th century.

7.What do you think about it? ...

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

4th ESO: Relative pronouns / "used to"/ crazy inventions

Who, which, whose exercise
Who, which, whose or no pronoun? exercise
Join pairs of sentences (with a relative pronoun)
Relative pronouns quiz
Relative pronouns gap-filling exercise (advanced)
Matching quiz ( for "eco-lazy" students)
Defining relative pronouns exercise (PDF)
Relative pronouns exc chart (all levels)
Used to / to be used to / to get used to (tutorial & exercises)
Matching & filling the blanks
This used to be my playground (song by Madonna)
Used to - multiple choice
The dinosaurs song (blues)
Reading & questions exercise
Crazy inventions picture gallery (choose your weirdest invention now!)
Crazy inventions from Japan

1ESO- irregular verbs

exercise 1
exercise 2

1ESO- more food activities

Food memory game
Vegetables labelling

Wednesday, 4 May 2011



You can practise and play different exercises here

Nursery rhymes to help you with the different sounds here