Wednesday, 30 May 2012

2n eso geography

How many countries are there?  Read the article and find out

Friday, 25 May 2012


"I shouldn´t be alive! " Watch and listen to the video.
Pubs in the UK
London native English speakers interview


Watch the video (It´s great fun and it´s only 3 min!)


Exam practice 1
1a  2b  3b  4d  5c  6c  7b  8c
Exam practice 2
1c  2b  3c  4d  5b  6a  7a  8d

Exam practice 3
1d  2b  3a  4b  5a  6a  7d  8d

Exam practice 4
1b  2c  3a  4a  5d  6b  7c  8d

Exam practice 5
1b  2d  3a  4d  5b  6c  7d  8b

Exam practice 6
1b  2c  3c  4d  5a  6a  7b  8c

Thursday, 24 May 2012

4TH ESO- workbook revision solution

Exercise 1
1.       Satellite               2.honest             3. Fatal                 4.disabled           5.exhausted                      6. Microchip       7.campaign for                               8.bore                                       10. Award           11.give away     12.blind
Exercise 2
1.       Bodyguard         2.protects           3.introduced     4. To      5.take   6.get on                              7.go out               8.have                 9.immature        10.geek                                                                              11.a bighead      12.rescued
Exercise 3
1.       I’ll        3.was    4. Used                                5.working           6.have said                                        7.such a               8.I’d                9.can     10.had forgotten             11.gave                                               12.had made
Exercise 4
1.       If he was/were more reliable, I would lend him the money.
2.       You should tell us if you are going out.
3.       I can’t phone them now because it’s too late.
4.       I don’t mind helping you but you must listen.
5.       Martin would like to go swimming later.
6.       I should finish with my boyfriend.
7.       It would have been fatal if you had eaten that mushroom!
8.       If you like reggae, you’ll love this album.

Exercise 5
1.had            2.helping    download  4.had invited     5.splitting up                                     6. Was introduced go out 8.’ll help              9.have been                                     10. Have hurt
Exercise 6
1.d                 2.b         3.e         4.g          5.a          6.h         7.c          8.j           9.i           10.f
Exercise 7
1.       Si censuressin/prohibissin aquell àlbum/disc,tothom el compraria.
2.       La banda/el grup hauria de guanyar un premi.
3.       M’agradaria mirar aquest programa.
4.       Si no bec alguna cosa aviat, em moriré de set.
5.       Si m’haguéssis demanat per sortir, t’hauria dit que sí.
6.       Vaig tenir una baralla tan terrible amb els meus pares.
7.       No m’importa portar uniforme.
8.       Vam tallar perquè ella m’enganyava/em va enganyar.
Exercise 8
1.       I love my Mp3 player because it’s so portable.
2.       If he doesn’t say sorry, I’ll finish with him.
3.       I hate asking people out!
4.       One day I’d like to have a private jet.
5.       If I had had a waterproof jacket, I would have gone.
6.       My ex was such a flirt.
7.       I didn’t use to enjoy watching tennis.
8.       If I won the lottery, I would give the money away.
Exercise 1
1.       I moved to Spain because I had found a job there.
2.       The volunteers hadn’t worked in a war zone before they went to Nigeria.
3.       We were interested in the film about Africa because we’d studied it at school.
4.       Alan didn’t win the race because he hadn’t trained for months.

Exercise 2
1.       Went            2.didn’t see       3.won                   4.had worked   5.hadn’t slept
Exercise 3
1.       After                    2.already             3.before              4.until   5.during               6.until

Exercise 4
1.       We should take plenty of sun cream.
2.       You should eat a good breakfast.
3.       They shouldn’t go to the expedition.
4.       You should wear sunglasses at the beach.
Exercise 5
1.       She wouldn’t have worn that dress if she had known it was so cold.
2.       If you had taken some photos, you wouldn’t have forgotten so much.
3.       If we had stayed in, we would have been bored.
4.       They would have caught the train if they hadn’t got up late.
5.       If I had been ill, I would have gone.
Exercise 6
1.       Had had
2.       Wouldn’t have felt
3.       Hadn’t lost
4.       Would have won

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Just some good music...

She´s only sixteen!


Warren talks about his hopes and dreams (do Quiz 1 & Quiz 2)

Best way to learn English (Pick and copy the best tips and suggestions about it)
**Optional: You can also watch "Video response" about how some people learned English.

Elephant news ( listen to the news and do the quiz)

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

2n ESO The Eden Project

Watch the video about this project and the WEEE man

About bugs that help in gardens

About rubber