Wednesday, 27 May 2015

4t eso Creepy creatures

1.       When do they attack?
2.       Where did they use to live?
3.       How can they find you?
4.       What do they want?
5.       How many of them can infest a single bedroom?
6.       Why don’t you wake up when they bite you?
7.       What other substance does it inoculate?
8.       How much can it drink?
9.       How many times can they bite you in a single night?
1  .   What illness could you get?

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

CF Administratiu. Graphs.

Do the exercice

Do the exercise about chart 2 (at the end of the page)

Latvia; Income from agriculture. Do exercise 1 and 2

Look at the video and take notes to prepare your presentation.

Office vocabulary
Match the words with the pictures

Read the text and answer the questions

1r BAT Reported Speech. The News.

Do the following exercises:
Reported speech exercises

Do this exercises about the news:
About the newspapers

A hard exercise to check your reading comprehension:
Nepal earthquake

Check your grammar skills with the following exercise.  
Complete the article

3B- exercise solutions

page 113
ex 9
1. Where was the survey done?
2. What were the teens asked in the survey?
3. Why was the survey developed?
4. What are the teens taught on the website?
5. What other things are offered on the website?
ex 10
a. are taught
b. was asked
c. is given
d.was created
e. was done
1e/ 2b/ 3d/ 4a/ 5c

page 115
1 a
2 any
3 an
4 some
5 some
6 How much
7 many
8 a lot of
ex 2
1. The oldest
2. the youngest
3. tall as
4. better than
5. younger than
6. older than
7. the scariest
8. smaller than
9. the fattest
10. the laziest
11. the tiniest
12. the liveliest
a- Bob ; b- Bill; Jimmy; d- Sherry; e- Fluffy; f- Tina; g- Tim; h-Rocco
ex 3
1 makes
2 has broken
3 was studying
4 haven't done
5 should
6 badly
7 more handsome than
8 bigger than
9 can't
10 will be
11 as tall as
12 have changed
13 was sent
14 couldn't
15 too far
16 any
page 122
1 c
2 b
3 b
4 a
5 a
6 c
7 c
8 b
9 b
10 b
12 b
13 b
14 b
15 a
16 c
17 c
18 b
19 b
20 b
21 a
22 b
23 b
24 a
25 b

Sunday, 17 May 2015


VIDEO :  Russian superstitions
Watch the video and try to list the supertitions
explained as short as possible. After that,
work on the rest of activities. 


Thursday, 14 May 2015


Simple Present passive voice ex

Active / Passive voice ex

Mixed modals exercise

Multiple choice modals exercises

Permission & obligation

School life & modals

VIDEO : "Visiting a doctor"


Do the activities related to these answering machine dialogues

How to contact / answer the phone in a business environment

In pairs practise similar dialogues and exchange roles

Reconstruct the dialogue


Past tense dictation

Vocabulary human body


Present and past dictation 


Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Material 2n Batxillerat Pràctica recuperació


Always  listen with and without transcript. Find topics that are related to the vocabulary that you have seen or try at random. There are no questions linked to each text
 Select according to topics, level of difficulty, speed , different exercises for each text.
  •  TED talks   Listen with and withot the transcript, each talk 2 or 3 times



Remember that syntax, tenses, connectors, relatives, modal verbs, specific vocabulary when possible are necessary for decent writing. Insist on lots of  listening and reading at the same time

Revise previous posts for vocabulary items as well.

Monday, 4 May 2015

TED talk 4th eso

Listen and do the activities

CF Administratiu: FUTURE

Read and remember the grammar before doing the exercices

Put in the correct box

will / going to

will / going to 2

1. Say if the Present Continuous expresses a) an activity happening now or b) a planned future arrangement. 
a. It’s eight o’clock, Meg. Are you getting ready for school?    
b. What time are Paul and Paula coming for dinner tonight?
c. Why are you laughing?      
d. Where’s Jim? He’s taking the dog out for a walk. 
e. What are you doing after school?
f. Are you enjoying the lesson?     
g. She is working late next Friday.

going to or present continuous

decisions, intentions, plans.

will / present continuous

The most natural sentence.

Do the exercise