Monday, 17 October 2016

4t eso relative clauses

Combine the sentences (harder)

Easy exercises

Choose the right answer

Confusing similar words


4. VIDEO : Coca-Cola advert. "For everyone" (intermediate)

Monday, 10 October 2016

2nd Batx TED talk: Why you should talk to strangers


  1.          What do most people think about strangers?
  2.          Which are the benefits of using our senses instead of our fears?
  3.          Why can we often be more honest about ourselves with a stranger than with our family?
  4.          Can you explain in your own words the example about the Danes’ difficulties to communicate   with strangers?
  5.          Is eye contact in strangers a good signal?
  6.          Mention two ways of “breaking  the rules” in order to communicate with a stranger
  7.          Summarise the talk in 2 or 3   lines
  8.      Find 2 adjectives in each paragraph

2n Batx WISH Clauses and CONDITIONAL Sentences

1.Revise conditionals here

2.Exercise on mixed conditionals

3.Good explanation of Wish clauses and exercises

4.Another exercise with good explanations

5.Hope or Wish?  exercise  (especially numbers7 and 10)

Thursday, 6 October 2016

2n BATXILLERAT Traffic vocabulary

1. List with exercise
2. Elllo listening   (b lesson 2nd nov)
3. Take the driving tests
4. Video with teacher's explanations
5. Listen, watch and read about the commuter dog
6. Listening  road test

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

1st ESO: Unit 1 Revision

Here you've got some practise for Unit 1.

MY BODY  Can you write the 24 words?

TO BE (Study the table and do the exercises below)

More TO BE or HAVE GOT  


SUBJECT PRONOUNS AND POSSESSIVE ADJECTIVES (Copy the sentences in your notebook)

Find the clue game

Fables  (Yuri and Sophia)

Monday, 3 October 2016


Watch the video and answer the questions in your notebook.

4th ESO Unit 2 Extreme weather and natural disasters

Lesson to learn new expressions about the weather (Homework)

Learn the list of vocabulary

Combine disasters with the suitable verbs

Interesting vocabulary exercise  weather report

Try exercises 2 and 3 of this site

Guess the word  easy exercise

Lots of exercises to study from

Read real news from The Guardian

easy listening


Cinema vocabulary

Film vocabulary: adjective synonyms

Film vocabulary: adjective antonyms

More film vocabulary

Describing a film (Words in context, very interesting)

Movie Ratings

Tips for reviewing a film

Genres listening

Back to school

Watch the video " Schools in Britain " and answer the questions about it :

1) What time does school in Britain usually start?
2) Where do students keep their books when at school?
3) Who´s the head teacher?
4) What´s the next lesson on the video?
5) What´s the National Curriculum?

And now you can watch Jamie´s school day and answer the questions :

1)  Where does Jamie live?
2)  What´s the name of his school?
3)  Who´s the lollypop lady?
4)  When do lessons start and finish?
5)  What´s the first lesson today?
6)  What does Jamie usually do at break time?
/)   Make a list of the lessons Jamie attends today.
8)  Where does Jamie eat lunch? What´s his menu today?