Friday, 15 November 2013

Dinner for Schmucks ( P. Continuous )

I. In groups of 2 or 3 Watch the movie segment and take notes of all the leisure activities the mice are doing in that afternoon.
II. Get together with your group and write down as many sentences as you can, saying what the mice are doing. You have 10 minutes to do it.
III. Read all your sentences to the class. Every sentence with both correct grammar and information, according to the segment, scores 1 point. The winner is the group that scores most points.
IV. You may watch the segment again to check whether the leisure activities are correct.

I. Cut the sentences into slips and place them in a box.
II. students take turns to pick up a sentence and mime it to their own group. The group has 15 seconds to guess the correct sentence and score a point.

Monsters Inc. (P. Simple & P. Continuous)

Watch the movie segment and do the following activities :

1) Complete the sentences with the appropriate tense ( Present Simple and Present Continuous)

a) Every day, Sulley _______________ (drive) to work. However, today they ____________ (walk)

b) Right now, Mike _______________ (talk) to Sulley’s mum on the phone.
c) Afterwards, they often ______________ (watch) tv, but today they __________ (also / star) on a tv commercial.
d) Sulley and Mike _____________ (not exercise) together. Sulley ______ (do) his routine and Mike __________ (guide) him.
e) Then, Sulley always ______________ (brush) his teeth.
f) Sulley usually ____________ (get up) at 6:00 but today he ____________ (still/ sleep) at 6:05.

2) Watch the film and put the sentences in the correct order.

3) Write 5 sentences about what the monsters Sulley and Mike encounter on their way to work are doing at the moment.

4) Did you like the scene? Why (not)?

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Adjectives and description of a place 1st Batxillerat

Adjectives and explanations, opposites...(specific on describing a town or place)

Watch, listen and read about Southhampton (higher)

Read and do exercises on lots os cities from America and the UK

Listening activities

Revision (copy and bring the first exercise you see) of common adjectives, comparatives, superlatives, etc. (Apart from this exercise, you can find many more!)

Order of adjectives 1 exercise
Order od adjectices 2 exercises Tasks 1,2,3,4)