Friday, 30 November 2012


Let's start talking about the environment. Here you've got a reading and vocabulary to get into the topic.

Reading: Pollution and its Negative Effects
Vocabulary (definitions) + exercise
Vocabulary (list)

1st BATXILLERAT: Science Seals

Listen to this 6 Minutes English episode and answer these questions:

1. Where is "down under"?
2. Why are they worried about the Great Barrier Reef?
3. Why do they use the seals?
4. What is "salinity"?
5. How do the seals get information?
6. Why are the Antartica and the Great Barrier Reef connected?

Sunday, 25 November 2012

2 BAT- Steve Jobs' interview- VIDEO

Watch this interview to Steve Jobs and work on the activities about it.

Friday, 23 November 2012

1st ESO: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is celebrated in November. Let's learn a little bit about this American festival.

This is America Charlie Brown: The Mayflower voyagers (This is when the story begins. Watch and listen to it). Can you retell the story in five lines maximum?

Thanksgiving Poems Read these poems. Choose one and copy it in your notebook. Translate it and l earn it.

Thanksgiving Quiz  Do this quiz. This article may help you to answer it.

Thanksgiving food: Turkey Quiz, How to prepare a turkey (Copy the ingredients and the tips in your notebook and translate them)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

CF Administratiu DEPARTMENTS

Learn about jobs related to different departments in a company


English at work episode 6

Narrator teaches Anna how to offer help in different ways. Answer the comprehension questions:

1. What is Anna doing at the very beginning of the episode?
2. What three problems does Tom have?
3. Which of these problems is the most serious?
4. Why does Tom refuse Anna's help at the beginning?
5. What are the names of Tom's clients?
6. What is Citrus Ventures?
7. How does Anna help Tom?
8. Do you think Anna does a good job? Why?

Monday, 19 November 2012

2 ESO. "What´s on?" ( III )

Video clip: "ROBOTS" ( Present Continuous ) :
Watch the video and answer the questions in your photocopy.

Song+ video: "The lemon tree" (by Fool´s garden)
Watch the video and complete the lyrics.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

1st ESO: Vocabulary and Grammar Unit 3


School Subjects
School Subjects multiple-choice) (Copy 10 sentences in your notebooks)
At school (copy these words in your notebook and translate them)
School Objects (Copy the English words and translate them)
School Hangman (Copy the words in your notebook)
School Matching
School Spelling
Word Search
School Picture Test
School Vocabulary Quiz
School Idioms (Copy the idiom, the meaning and the example in your notebooks)


Present Simple
Present Simple USE
Present Simple Quiz
Present Simple Games (Copy the sentences in your notebooks)
Subject and Object pronouns (Copy the subject and object pronouns. Then do the quiz and copy the sentences in you notebooks)
Object Pronouns 1
Object Pronouns 2
Object Pronouns: Read and choose

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

CF administratiu UNIT 3


a. Hi ha una sala de reunió disponible per demà?
b. No hi ha prou paper per la impressora. Pots comprar tu?
c. Pots ajudar-me amb l'escàner?
d. Digues-li a la Mary de I&D que demà seré fora de viatge
e. Pots enviar-me la presentació per correu electrònic?
f. Els executius sempre porten traje i corbata a les reunions importants
g. Quan te'n vas a Tokyo?
h. El benefici ha baixat un 20% aquest any
i. Ens va dir que parlessim amb el departament de comptabilitat
j. Sóc responsable del departament de recursos humans
k.Quant val el taxi des de l'aeroport de Heathrow fins a l'estació Victoria?
l. Alguna cosa falla a la fotocopiadora; podries fer una ullada?

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


How environmentally concerned are you? Take this quiz and you'll know!

Going green

Monday, 12 November 2012

1st BATXILLERAT: Photocopies Answer Key

Sport and Leisure

75.1 swimming          pool         trunks, costume
        motor racing     circuit       crash, helmet
        ice hockey        rink          sticks, skates, puck

75.2  1. do                5. gave up / stopped      
         2. play             6. go
        3. join               7. take up
        4. support         8. get / be / keep

75.3  2. fit                              6. hockey               10. you / me
         3. climbing                     7. racing
         4. opposite                    8. up
         5. seriously                    9. gym/pool

26.1  Do              Play
         Go              Do
         Do              Play
         Go              Play
In fact, you can DO/PLAY almost any sport you can think of. So join now!

personal best                              set a record
blow a whistle                            achieve your ambitions
bring on a substitute                    train hard
fail a drugs test                            enhance your performance
enter a competition                     tale the lead / a drugs test

Hi Jose,
Do you fancy coming on a sporting weekend with me next month? It sounds great-would make a change from playing computer games. You can make lots of different activities. You could even GO fising, I think. You can't go skiing at this time of year but you can make water skiing, if you like. Everyone has to DO general exercises first thing in the morning and then you can DO/PLAY whatever sport you like, more or less.I've never PLAYED badminton so I think I'm going to do that. Then in the afternoon I'm looking forward to the chance to practise my tennis serve with their professional coach. Please try to coe!

1. win
2. fight
3. deserved
4. tackling
5. possession
6. gained
7. stage / round
8. competition
9. set / beat

Saturday, 10 November 2012

2ESO: "What´s on?" ( II )

Do these exercises on P. Simple and P. Continuous:
VIDEO: "Monsters" : P. Simple vs Present Continuous

1) Complete the sentences with the appropriate tense ( Present Simple and Present Continuous)

a) Every day, Sulley _______________ (drive) to work. However, today they ____________ (walk)

b) Right now, Mike _______________ (talk) to Sulley’s mum on the phone.
c) Afterwards, they often ______________ (watch) tv, but today they __________ (also / star) on a tv commercial.
d) Sulley and Mike _____________ (not exercise) together. Sulley ______ (do) his routine and Mike __________ (guide) him.
e) Then, Sulley always ______________ (brush) his teeth.
f) Sulley usually ____________ (get up) at 6:00 but today he ____________ (still/ sleep) at 6:05.

2) Watch the film and put the sentences in the correct order.

3) Write 5 sentences about what the monsters Sulley and Mike encounter on their way to work are doing at the moment.

4) Did you like the scene? Why (not)?

Thursday, 8 November 2012


Listen to this episode and answer the questions:

1. What does Paul want from Anna?
2. What is CBL, and why are they related to TTT?
3. What is Denise doing when Anna asks her for help?
4. Is Anna rude or polite to Denise?
5. What is Tom doing when Anna asks him for help?
6. Is Anna rude or polite to Tom?
7. How does Denise feel when she is with Anna?


a. Rosie, file these documents now

b. Find a meeting room available for tomorrow morning, Anna

c. E-mail the estate agent this afternoon, Paul

d. Tell the IT manager that profit is going down

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

4th ESO grup C: Short story

. Do the preparation activities
. Listen without reading
. Listen and read the text
. Read or/and listen as many times as  necessary
. Do the other activities/tasks
. Write the story in dialogue form


4t A ESO Short story

1. Do preparation task
2. Listen as many times as necessary before you read the transcript
3. Do comprehension task 2
4. Write short summary (about 60 words)


4t ESO B Short story

1. Do preparation task

2. Listen as many times as necessary; don't read the transcript the first time.

3. Do the comprehension task

4. Write a short summary (60 words approx.)


3ESO- past simple and weather

Past simple exercise 1
Past simple exercise 2
Past simple exercise 3
Weather- revision exercise 4

Monday, 5 November 2012

1st BATXILLERAT: US Presidentials

Sure you've heard about the elections in the US. Election day in the United States is the Tuesday following the first Monday in November (you can read this article to know why). That is... TODAY !!!  Here you've got some activities to learn a little bit more about them.

1. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are the candidates. Here you can know about their lives. Answer the questions.
           Barack Obama
           1. When did Obama's parents meet? Where did his father come from?
           2. Where did he study? How was Obama called by his classmates?
           3. Why did Obama move to Chicago?
           4. Where did he meet his future wife?
           5. What did Obama do before being elected to the US senate?
           6. When was Obama elected President?
           Mitt Romney
           1. What did Romney's father do between 1954 and 1962?
           2. Who beat his father in the 1968 elections?
           3. What did Romeny do after graduating in 1971?
           4. How long did Romney serve as the governor of Massachussets?
           5. Who won the 2008 Republican nomination?

2. Presidential Elections Reading Comprehension. Do the multiple-choice quiz you will find below the text.

3. Who's Who? Try to guess which US President these sentences describe. Then you can check clicking here.

George Washington  Thomas Jefferson  John Adams   James Buchanan   Abraham Lincoln
Franklin D. Roosevelt    John F. Kennedy   Richard Nixon   Jimmy Carter  Ronald W. Reagan
George W.H. Bush    Bill Clinton

1. He was an actor.
2. He was elected President in 1789 by the Continental Congress.
3. He was the first President to live in the unfinished White House.
4. He died on the 50th Anniversary of the singing of the Declaration of Independence.
5. He wrote the Declaration of Independence in 1776 before being President.
6. He was a bachelor all his life.
7. He got in trouble because of his involvement in a break-in at the Democratic Headquarters at the Watergate Hotel.
8. While he was President the Cold War ended.
9. He was President when the Civil War was about to begin.
10. He was the first President to be born out of the 13 colonies.
11. He is buried at Arlington National Cemetery, where an eternal flame marks his grave.
12. He was President for 12 years.
13. He was the first President to resign from office.
14. He was the first President to born in hospital.
15. He appointed more women and minorities to major departments than any other president,
16. He was the oldest President elected (69).
17. He was the first President who was the father of another President.
18. He issued the Emancipation Proclamation on January 23, 1863.
19. He was the youngest President ever elected.
20. He was responsible of the Louisiana Purchase.

4. US elections test. Do this test to check your knowledge of American elections.

5. OPTIONAL: if you are strongly interested in politics, here you have some information about the candidates and the campaing figures. Just take a look at it.