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2nd Batx Shopping quiz

Are you an educated shopper? Read and do the quiz

Monday, 19 January 2015

2BAT- Health - video

Watch this video about the benefit of pets and answer the comprehension questions.

TED Talk

1st BATXILLERAT - Travel phrasal verbs

1. Read this text paying special attention to phrasal verbs. Write them down in your notebooks.

2. Do this multiple-choice exercise. Write the phrasal verbs in your notebook and make sure you understand them.

4. More practise on phrasal verbs.

1st Batxillerat REPORTED SPEECH

1.Change pronouns exercise

2.  exercise on statements with ( "say")

3.Here you have explanations and exercises reporting statements, questions and commands

4. A harder, interesting exercise

5.Video exercise

6. Reported Speech exercises

1st BATXILLERAT - Holidays (Voluntary listening)

Booking holidays online. Listen to the conversation and answer these questions:

1. Stephen says some travel companies have been criticised. Why?
2. Is travel advertisement truthful?  Provide an example.
3. Find synonyms for "a really good deal".
4. What are hidden costs?
5. What's the meaning of "budget for something"?
6. What expression does Stephen use that means "to withdraw or not do something" ?
7. How do you say "return trip" in American English?

Tuesday, 13 January 2015


Crime and criminals  (unscramble the words)

Complete the text with the correct words

Crime vocabulary + definitions (to help you)

Crime quiz

Monday, 12 January 2015

4t ESO TENSES practice

past perfect

Exercise 1
(Copy and bring)

Exercise 2 
(Copy and bring)

Past simple:

Exercise 1. Do,copy some sentences of each exercise and bring to class

More exercises that you can find to study by yourself Here

Past Continuous

Exercise 1 . Do, copy and bring to class
Exercise  2
Exercise 3 

More exercises to study by yourself: Do all the exercises that you can, repeat as many times as possible, (one day is not enough!) Insist on the exercises where you made more mistakes

1. Past simple:
Easy test

More exercises  (all levels)

2. Past continuous

3. Past simple or Past Continuous

4. Present perfect

5. Present Perfect or Past Simple 



Irregular verb Wheel game 

Saturday, 10 January 2015

1ESO- present continuous/progressive video

Watch this video about the Simpsons and transform the sentences which appear in negative and interrogative. Work on your notebook!

Friday, 9 January 2015

3 ESO- unit 4 FASHION

Activity 1. Urban Tribes

Look for information about an urban tribe from any country, and complete the following chart on your notebook.






Comparative and superlatives



Thursday, 8 January 2015

2BAT- The Amish

Watch this video about the Amish and answer the questions.

Read about the Amish