Sunday, 24 January 2016


Activity 1. Listen to different people talking about healthcare and answer the questions.
Another Listening activity on the same topic

Activity 2. Zika virus

Activity 3. Do this listening and reading activity related to AIDS.

Activity 4. Review health vocabulary with these interactive exercises.

Activity 5 (Game elllo) Identify the problem

Activity 6. Read, listen, learn about Ebola (easy but very convenient)

Activity 7. Listen to Obama's message to West African people

Activity 8. (Higher level, everyday language and idioms) Dialogues on health issues

Activity 9   TED Talk (wounds)

What was the only way to stop a serious bleeding?
What is ECM?
How does he describe scars?
How does this new gel work?
How long does the gel take to create a coat of fibrin?

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