Monday, 5 November 2018

2ESO. UNIT 1: "Home & away"

Listening ex 1 : "Is Johana at home?" ( do online exercises )
Listening ex 2 : "I love going to museums" ( do online exercises )

Do these vocabulary exercises about the house: (basics) (basics)
and more exercises... (quiz about the house)

Present Simple activities :
The Present Simple girl (tutorial + exercises)
Mixed Present Simple exercises
3rd person singular ex
Mix and match
Do or does?
Simple Present negative
Short answers
Present tense questions
Position of adverbs of frequency

"Showing my room"
"My bedroom tour"
Talking pictures:  "Describing our bedrooms "
My room (Take notes about the description )
 Game :Bedroom vocabulary  (you have 30 seconds !)

Writing :
"Describing my bedroom"  (Copy the text and fill in the gaps ).

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