Monday, 6 February 2017

2 ESO Future tenses (Will / going to / P. continuous)

Frequency adverbs

Simple Present  (text)
Simple Present (questions)
Simple Present (questions)
Simple Present (wh- questions)
Simple Present (negative)
Present Simple, +ing or gerund?

Present Continuous with a future meaning :

1. Say if the Present Continuous expresses a) an activity happening now or b) a planned future
a. It’s eight o’clock, Meg. Are you getting ready for school?    
b. What time are Paul and Paula coming for dinner tonight?
c. Why are you laughing?      
d. Where’s Jim? He’s taking the dog out for a walk. 
e. What are you doing after school?
f. Are you enjoying the lesson?     
g. She is working late next Friday?

2. Use these words to write sentences. Use the present continuous. 
a. I – not – go out – tonight. I’m not going out tonight.
b. I – meet – my friends – this evening. 
c. Tom – not – come – to the party on Thursday. 
d. My sister – get married – next December. 
e. I – not – go to London – tomorrow. 
f. I – stay at home – tonight. 
g. I – go to the theatre – on Monday. 
h. George – go to the dentist – on Friday. 
i. Alice – go on holiday – to Mexico. 
j. Bob – play football – on Saturday.

VIDEO:  "English with light and sound". Watch the video and write sentences about these students´future plans for their next summer holiday.

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