Thursday, 7 April 2016

AULA OBERTA. 8 / 04 / 16

Food and Drinks game (copy the words in your notebook and translate them)
Food and Drinks matching activity (copy the vocabulary in your notebooks)
Food and Drinks matching activity 2
Food: vegetables
At the supermarket game
Food memory gameeboo
Fruit labelling (copy the words in your notebooks and translate them)
Vegetable labelling (copy the words and translate them)

At the restaurant
Vocabulary (copy the epressions in your notebook and translate them)
Ordering food
Food and restaurants gap-filling (copy the words in bold and translate them)
Dialogues (choose one on these dialogues and practise it with a partner)

Grammar exercises :

Countable / uncountable nouns

A, an, some, any

How much ? How many ? :

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