Thursday, 30 January 2014

Past Simple & Continuous video practise

The Pacifier ( movie segment)

Watch the scene and complete the sentences using Past Simple or Past Continuous.

a- He ____________________________ (teach) the girls how to fight.

b- While he ________________________ (read) the book, he _________________ (take care) of the baby.

c- He _________________ (say) the girl to go and she ________________ (start) driving at the parking lot.

d- He __________________ (make) 2 different groups of people crawl on the floor.

e- He __________________ (run) and when he _______________ (enter) the classroom the girl   

_________________(present) a piece of homework.

f- He ________________ (observe) the play cast ____________________ (rehearse).

g- He ________________ (challenge) the girl to drive by back gear.

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