Friday, 3 April 2015


Listen to 6 Minute English (Modern offices) and answer the questions:
1.       What’s an open-plan office?
a.       A big room full of desks with no walls between them and people working in it.
b.      An office where you can work when you want.
c.       A big room full of noise where people make plans.
2.       Who invented the open-plan offices?
a.       Victoria Beckham
b.      Bill Gates
c.       Henry Ford.
3.       Why is EFFICIENCY one of the main reasons for open-plan offices?
a.       Because they increase benefits.
b.      Because they increase communication and collaboration among staff.
c.       Because they are cheaper to build.
4.       Which is the biggest problem with the open-plan offices?
a.       The noise of the keyboards.
b.      Productivity gets reduced because of the noise.
c.       Everybody talks and nobody works.
5.       What do we call a kind of noise that contains the full range of sounds that humans can hear?
a.       White noise.
b.      Green noise.

c.       Pink noise.

Practice the present perfect with scenes from popular TV shows
scenes from popular TV shows

Do the following exercices:

Present perfect.

Present perfect (ever /never/just/already/yet)

- Do exercices 1, 4, 11, 15, 18, 19. Exercices

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