Saturday, 25 November 2017

CF 1. UNIT 3

TASK  1 :   TELLING THE TIME IN ENGLISH  ( online ex to practise ) Copy this one in your notebook!

TASK 2 : Copy the dialogue from your textbook ( ex 2, page 12 ) and practise it with a partner.

TASK 3 : Do this exercises online :

TASK 4 : Read the list entitled :

An Administrative Assistants job description, including their routine daily duties

and copy and translate 10 sentences about the Administrative assistant's tasks and responsibilities. 

TASK 5 : Do online exc about office equipment vocabaulary:

TASK 6 : Write down a new dialogue using the model ex 2, page 14, changing all the underlined words.

A:    Wow, Dave! These offices look great! Let's see where we'll put everything in our office.

B:    We can put the filing cabinet next to the window.

A:    No, there isn't enough space there. Let's put it on the wall behind your desk, Dave.            We'll put the desk next to the window.

B:    Ok, Claire. Sounds good. Your shelf can go over there - under the air-conditioner.

A:   Good idea. Where is our printer?

B:   It's probably still in the stock room. Let's go and get it.

A:   Where is the stockroom?

B:   It's opposite the reception desk.

A:   Is the shredder there, too?

B:   No, it's behind the reception.

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