Friday, 15 February 2013


Watch this video about the tips to get a compromise about a special kind of trip: the honeymoon.

Here you have the answers to the questions:

a.3,700 dollars (three times the amount of average adult spends on vacation)
b. She’s a romantic getaways blogger/ She’s being interviewed to help couples negotiate a honeymoon  compromise and share her top pics for honeymoon destinations.
c. (One or two of the partners can have different ideas about the type of honeymoon they want)Examples:someone envisions being lazy on the beach; the other one envisions an adventure-filled vacation.
d. No, it isn’t. They have to throw the destination-discussion aside and look more at what experience they’re looking for.
e. Think about the experience: do you want to be relaxed and pampered; do you want to go some place exotic and be adventurous; do you want to have a sophisticated cultural experience?
f. Bangkok: city brimming with palaces and temples, great shopping and great dining. It’s also culturally interesting. Incredible beaches are in the south of the country.
g. It’s close-by, easy to get to (distance); Vancouver:  (thanks to the Olympics) it’s  a great city, it’s world-class, it has the most innovative chefs of the West Coast;  it has vast acres of wilderness- you can combine a city experience with adventure. 
h. Beach(you can snooze there all day); nightlife (you can be dancing all night long); culture.
g.It’s the Paris of South America. Tango, opera, culture,great food and wine and Patagonia.

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