Thursday, 14 February 2013


STEP 1:   Watch the videos and complete the table
STEP 2:  After doing the vocabulary activities, decide on what kind of appartment you have. Include the items you don't need to buy. Draw the floor map
STEP 3: You have 2,500 pounds to buy the different items you consider essential. Write them on a list and write the price.
STEP 4: You and your flatmates (roommates) have different opinions regarding your purchases. Discuss and write a dialogue (150 words) that you will have to perform in front of the class. Examples of controversial items: carpet, computer, clothes drier, television, robot ... 
STEP 5: Presentation: In front of the class, perform the dialogue in which you discuss different possibilities
Then tell your class about the objects you bought with their price, characteristics, ...
STEP 6: Individually, mark each group according to the chart given

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