Monday, 12 November 2012

1st BATXILLERAT: Photocopies Answer Key

Sport and Leisure

75.1 swimming          pool         trunks, costume
        motor racing     circuit       crash, helmet
        ice hockey        rink          sticks, skates, puck

75.2  1. do                5. gave up / stopped      
         2. play             6. go
        3. join               7. take up
        4. support         8. get / be / keep

75.3  2. fit                              6. hockey               10. you / me
         3. climbing                     7. racing
         4. opposite                    8. up
         5. seriously                    9. gym/pool

26.1  Do              Play
         Go              Do
         Do              Play
         Go              Play
In fact, you can DO/PLAY almost any sport you can think of. So join now!

personal best                              set a record
blow a whistle                            achieve your ambitions
bring on a substitute                    train hard
fail a drugs test                            enhance your performance
enter a competition                     tale the lead / a drugs test

Hi Jose,
Do you fancy coming on a sporting weekend with me next month? It sounds great-would make a change from playing computer games. You can make lots of different activities. You could even GO fising, I think. You can't go skiing at this time of year but you can make water skiing, if you like. Everyone has to DO general exercises first thing in the morning and then you can DO/PLAY whatever sport you like, more or less.I've never PLAYED badminton so I think I'm going to do that. Then in the afternoon I'm looking forward to the chance to practise my tennis serve with their professional coach. Please try to coe!

1. win
2. fight
3. deserved
4. tackling
5. possession
6. gained
7. stage / round
8. competition
9. set / beat

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