Tuesday, 18 December 2012

1st BATXILLERAT: The mistletoe

Read this article and answer these questions:

1. Which are the two sides of mistletoe?
2. According to the Australian study, in what sense is mistletoe important in forests?
3. Where has the experiment taken place?
4. What was the experiment about?
5. How is Dr Watson familiarly known?
6. What were his predictions? Which were the final results?
7. What happened when the mistletoe vanished?
8. Why is bird diversity important?
9. Why are scientists in America trying to protect the brooms?
10. What is the controversy of introducing misstletoe onto trees?

Now look for synonyms for the following words (take context into account):
1. evergreen:
2. excised:
3. surprising:
4. injured:
5. herculean:
6. sparse:
7. keystone:
8. suck:
9. parasite:

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