Thursday, 11 April 2013


LISTENING (1) : Listen to Todd talking about the jobs he´s had along his life and do the exercises.
LISTENING (2) : Lindsay talks about what She wanted to be at different moments of her life. Do the online vocabulary and comprehension  quizzes.
LISTENING (3) : Nicoletta talks about her future 
job aspirations. Do the activities as well.                                    VOCABULARY EXERCISES
Professions & occupations game
Matching pictures & jobs
Applying for a job
Video: "Job interview"

           Exercises on like + -ing / would like to... 
         would rather / would prefer exercise
         Tutorial : would like, would prefer, would rather
         would rather / prefer (multiple choice ex)
         like / would like exercise
         mustn´t / don´t have to exercise

         Exercises on have to / don´t have to : (tutorial + exercise)

       Exercises on will be / going to : (multiple choice)


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