Monday, 3 October 2016

Back to school

Watch the video " Schools in Britain " and answer the questions about it :

1) What time does school in Britain usually start?
2) Where do students keep their books when at school?
3) Who´s the head teacher?
4) What´s the next lesson on the video?
5) What´s the National Curriculum?

And now you can watch Jamie´s school day and answer the questions :

1)  Where does Jamie live?
2)  What´s the name of his school?
3)  Who´s the lollypop lady?
4)  When do lessons start and finish?
5)  What´s the first lesson today?
6)  What does Jamie usually do at break time?
/)   Make a list of the lessons Jamie attends today.
8)  Where does Jamie eat lunch? What´s his menu today?

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