Wednesday, 26 September 2012

1st BATXILLERAT: 10 American icons that aren't American

A. Do you know which country are these American Icons originally from? 

10 - The hamburger:
8 - Cary Grant:
7 - 7-Eleven:
6 - Leslie Nielsen:
5 - The Statue of Liberty:
4 - Michael J. Fox:
3 - William Shatner:
2 - Shell oil:
1 - Budweiser:

Watch this video and check your answers.

B. Do you know any of those men mentioned on the video? Why are they considered American Icons? (Look for examples)

Cary Grant:
Leslie Nielsen:
Michael J. Fox:
William Shatner:

C. What about the Statue of Liberty? If it’s not originally American, why is it in the USA?

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