Monday, 10 September 2012

3 ESO. Icebreaker activity

For each of the statements below, find a person in the group who fits the description (you can draw a chart to write down classmates´ answers):

1- Was born in September.
2- Is an only child.
3- loves Heavy  Metal music.
4- Has been to London.
5- Speaks another language.
6- Has more than 2 brothers or sisters.
7- Likes to paint or draw.
8- Likes to sing.
9- Loves purple.
10- Has got an exotic pet at home.
11- Has had braces
12- Has changed her look/ hair style since last June.
13- Is allergic to some kind of food.
14- Has sleep problems.
15- Plays a sport which is not football.
16- Is wearing the same colour that you have on today.
17- Has met some celebrity.
18-....Up to you!!!

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