Tuesday, 8 January 2013

1st BATXILLERAT: Grammar Photocopies CORRECTION

1. Choose the most appropiate words underlined.
a) will be retiring                                             f) you'll be doing
b) are we going to say                                    g) we'll miss
c) are on the point of separating                      h) Will you be working
d) I'm just coming                                           i) it'll be
e) I'm leaving                                                  j) I'll be

2. Put the verb in brackets into a suitable tense.
b) will be                        g) won't be
c) will have left               h) do I do
d) 'll be                          i) 'm going to faint
e) are you doing             j) are you giving
f) 'll have decided

3. Choose the most appropiate continuation for each sentence.
a) B              f) A
b) C             g) C
c) A             h) A
d) B             i) A
e) A             j) A

5. Rewrite each sentence, beginning as shown, so that the meaning stays the same.
b) his party will win                                                              g) be late, I am afraid
c) being replaced by a new manager in the new year             h) the next lecture has finished, let's leave
d) will have been in this company for three months                i) are having a meeting tomorrow
e) have finished lunch?                                                         j) I'll have finished this book
f) thinking of doing?

6. Choose the most appropiate word or phrase underlined.
b) in the end           g) this time tomorrow
c) the moment        h) soon
d) by the time         i) from now on
e) before long        j) in two weeks' time
f) by then

7. Rewrite each sentence so that it contains the word in capitals. Do not change the word in any way.
b) What are you going to do now?
c) I'll be waiting outside the station
d) Who will be working / Who is working with you on this project?
e) Scientists are about to make a vital breakdown
f) Maria is going to have another baby
g) I won't be home until late
h) No one knows what the result of the match will be
i) David won't be late
j) Mary and Alan are getting married next week

8. Decide whether the pairs of sentences a) and b) could be equally acceptable in the context given, or whether one is more appropiate.
b) B                                                      g) both
c) both                                                  h) both
d) both                                                  i) B
e) both but B is more appropiate            j) B
f) both

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