Saturday, 27 October 2012

1st BATXILLERAT - Halloween

Click here  and find a list of titles to scary ghost. Scroll down and click on ’Hairy toe’ and ready the story. Answer the following 13 (unlucky for some) questions below.
  1. What was the woman digging up to cook for dinner?
  2. What did she uncover?
  3. Why did she put ’the hairy toe’ in her basket?
  4. What did she cook with ’the hairy toe’?
  5. Later that night, what did the voice coming from the woods say?
  6. Was the voice heard in the same place or was it getting closer?
  7. Where was the voice coming from when the old lady woke up?
  8. What did she do when she jumped out of bed?
  9. Where was the old lady when she saw the massive figure in her doorway?
  10. How did the old lady respond to the figure?
  11. What finally happened to the old lady?
  12. What was the only clue of her disappearance?
  13. What was distinct about the footprint?

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